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craft boba

made in san diego, california


San Diego, known to be the craft beer capital of the world, began its brewery journey two decades ago. We now have well over 150 breweries and taprooms. And in the last few years, San Diego has seen a rapid emergence of coffee roasters and craft coffee shops

Tucked into a busy and diverse plaza of Kearny Mesa's Convoy District, you'll find us. A little boba shop trying to bring milk tea into the conversation, one hand crafted cup of boba at a time.



real tea. real milk. real flavor.


In the summer of 2017, we started out on the road to crafting a better boba milk tea for San Diego. It started with an emphasis on using amazing quality, loose-leaf teas. As we continued onward, we made a point to use natural ingredients where possible leading us to real milk, fruits, and delicious cane sugar. Our goal was to provide a real and honest boba milk tea.

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