Matcha Stick Box

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Price is per box, 24 grams total.
  • ORIGIN: Ujitawara, Japan
  • DESCRIPTION: 100% stone ground matcha made from high quality green tea leaves
  • FLAVOR: savory, toasted seaweed

Not all green tea powder is made alike. Ceremonial quality matcha is made from tea leaves carefully maintained and grown under shade. This leads to green tea that is higher in concentrations of caffeine and L-theanine (among other things such as flavor compounds). The tea leaves are eventually ground up into a fine powder, so that we can enjoy every last bit of it in our drinks. 

We recommend trying this in almost every way possible; hot, iced, plain, sweet, and/or with milk. It's absolutely delicious.

Each box comes with 12x 2-gram single serving sticks for your convenience.