Boba Class

Let us teach you how to make boba! In our Boba Class, you'll learn how to make boba in the comfort of your own home.

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Boba is all about connecting people, and this boba class will do just that. It's a great team building experience for your company or team. In this class, we'll walk through each step of making boba the Camellia Rd way, hosted by one of our own founders! Read more about our story here

Our boba class is structured around step-by-step instructions to accompany our Boba Box. To see more product details click here.

In this Boba Class, we'll cover the basics of types of tea, tea brewing, and a template for making boba the Camellia Rd way! Straining Tea


Boba Class Details:

  • 90 minute course.
  • Participants will be learn about all the basics of tea, and have a chance to test their knowledge in a round of Jeopardy-style trivia.
  • Minimum of 20 participants.
  • Because the class will be structured around the Boba Box, a Boba Box must be purchased for each participant (we will batch and ship them in one bulk order for you).

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