Tea Tasting Box

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A tea tasting box is an exploration of a style of tea. With variations in black, green, oolong, puer tea, each themed box has been curated to show the range in flavors that each category of tea has to offer. Each box contains 120 grams of tea, divided into 3, 40-gram bags.*

Black Tea Tasting Box:

  • Camellia Blend
  • Earl Grey
  • Yi Mei Ren

Green Tea Tasting Box:

  • Jasmine
  • Genmaicha
  • Hojicha

Oolong Tea Tasting Box:

  • Jin Xuan Milk
  • Floral Tie Guan Yin
  • Heavy Roast Tie Guan Yin

Puer Tea Tasting Box:

  • Scottish Caramel
  • Sticky Rice
  • Huang Pian

 *Mystery Tea Tasting Box:

  • Includes at least 120 grams of tea - each mystery box is different!